Audio/Video Production & Web Development Services

Lets face it. The internet is, by far, one of the most accessible places for people to learn about you, your company, and most importantly, what your company can do for them. At Axion Media Lab, we understand the importance of your online presence as seen by your target audience(s). Whether you're looking for advertisement or to clearly tell people what you're all about, a video can do just that and much more. Adding to that a top-down branded web experience will keep your image fresh andy in the game

We specialize in mini-doc, commercial and corporate story-telling, as well as training films and other internally used content. The benefit of the web is that you're no longer tied to television time standards. There are no length limits for web content, although, we definitely have our opinions on the subject. Since video content can be within a page that also hightlights important information within its HTML, your video content can focus on being a, quality representation of you without the time limits of a 30 second television spot.

We take an extreme amount of pride in crafting each and every project we work on. We employ some of the most talented creatives on the East Coast and demand an exceptionally high standard for anything that leaves the lab. We strive to push the boundaries of new media to its very next level.

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